Restaurant Review: O’Hare’s Pub & Restaurant

Many potato is good potato!

Tonight, my boyfriend and I tried out a new restaurant. Well, new for us anyway. Since we live an hour away from each other, we try to pick places that are in between. I usually use the website Geomidpoint or something similar to find new locations, and this place came up on the list.

As implied in the name, O’Hare’s is an Irish pub and restaurant. You can choose where you sit, and there are many TVs showing various sports channels. Neither of us are huge sports fans, but we could tell that a lot of people had come to watch some of the baseball games.


I ordered the sampler appetizer platter. They let you choose three of their appetizers to make a sampler platter. I went with Irish Cheese & Spinach Dip, the Green Bean Fries, and the Onion Rings. All of it was really good. Even my meat-loving boyfriend kept stealing the green beans, but everything is better fried and dipped in ranch, right?

I also ordered the Potato & Leek Soup. I should’ve known better, because it did end up having bacon in it (I’m used to making it without bacon). However, they were real nice about it and gave me the Soup of the Day: Tomato. They even gave me extra Irish Soda Bread, and that was real good.

My boyfriend ordered the Beef & Guinness Stew. He said it was good and hearty, and now he has lunch for tomorrow too! Overall, it was a great experience and would recommend.

Another Restaurant??

Next door to this place was another cute restaurant called 2toots. Everything was train themed. They even had trains set up that would bring out your food! Since I enjoy themed places so much, this is another place I would like to eventually go to. Hopefully some time!