Weekend Mattheissen

Girls Weekend: Matthiessen, Starved Rock, and Arlington Race Track

Girls Weekend!

This was my last weekend before going back-to-school. I celebrated it with my cousins for girls weekend. 🙂

Friday Night

We slept over at one of my cousin’s houses. They have three cats and one dog, so of course I had to get a picture of them. The cats are so fluffy!

For dinner we had my 7-layer salad, vegetable lasagna, and garlic bread. We then went outside for a bonfire and made s’mores. I love bonfires!



Matthiessen State Park

Our first location was Matthiessen State Park. We traveled to the lower dells and explored the Cascade Falls. There were a couple of mini-caves I climbed through while down there. Some people also went underneath the waterfall, but it seemed to slippery, so I decided it was safer not to do that.

We then traveled to the upper dells to see the Lake Falls. We ended up taking the more complicated, “scenic” route because we had to climb over rocks and tree branches. But that’s part of the fun in my opinion!

Starved Rock State Park

When we checked into the visitor center, they said that St. Louis Canyon had one of the better waterfalls for this time of year, so we decided to head over there. We started going through the parking and ended up on a grassy trail. Due to all of the plants, the trail was very buggy. So we made it to Aurora Canyon before turning around and taking a different direction to St. Louis.


After finally reaching St. Louis Canyon and returning to our cars, we decided we had done enough hiking for one day. We were originally going to go to a cupcake place nearby called . However, by the time we got there, the place was sold out of cupcakes. So instead we went to the winery next door. It was a cute place because in the back they had a patio with live music, and they had wine tastings 6 for $3! So of course I had to try it. I ended up buying two bottles to take home, and we got a bottle to split for later that night. And by the end of the day I had reached 19k steps!



Arlington Racetrack

We found out that the racetrack was having a special breakfast buffet before the horse racing, so it seemed like a great way to end the weekend. There was a bit of a mix-up about the timing for the breakfast, but we ended up being able to make it. The food was good! I then got an alcoholic slushee mixed with raspberry lemonade and strawberry daiquiri. Yum! I wasn’t able to stay for the actual racing due to back-to-school plans, but I did get to see at least one horse before leaving!

Now it’s time to get ready to go back-to-school. Hope everybody had a great weekend! 🙂